There is no doubt form the start of the movie that Forrest loved Jenny from the beginning of their friendship. But it is Jenny who never gave a thought or had a feeling about Forrest's feelings. She always avoided him right from the start and considering girl's sixth sense is too strong, she most probably understood that Forrest started loving her. But watching the movie, somehow it was depicted that Jenny despite understanding everything (even Forrest expressed himself that he loved her) always tried to ignore him (rude to say but the reason being he was stupid and this is the truth) and chose an aimless yet apparently enjoyable life for her.

But in the end she returned to him conceiving how much life she had spoiled of herself. She was sure he would accept her in any condition, had a baby with him for her own interest (for natural reason) and married Forrest when she became sick. Needless to say Forrest had become too rich by then. Is the above theory not enough to prove that she married Forrest for her own interest?


Far from it.

Jenny was a seriously mixed-up, mentally unstable woman who did not know what she wanted to do with herself. The primary reason for her instability was the sexual abuse meted out to her as a child by her father. Such events scar people for life and Jenny was no different.

There is a particular scene early on in the film where Jenny and Forrest are hiding from her father in a corn field. She tells him that she wants to "fly away like a bird far from here". As soon as she got a chance, that is exactly what she did. She wanted to be a completely different person. But she got kicked out of college and fell in with hippies and extremists of the time and got sucked into a downward spiral.

She did love Forrest. She even said so before sleeping with him even though she turned down his proposal. Even though she ran away again, the birth of Forrest Jr. resulted in her becoming mature and responsible. She became a waitress in Savannah and appeared to be supporting her son and herself quite well. She only wrote to Forrest once she knew of her terminal illness. Their marriage gave both of them happiness and Forrest Jr. a father who would take care of him once Jenny died.

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    "She did love Forrest. She even said so before sleeping with him" - Yes, because someone saying they love you before they sleep with you is a cast iron guarantee that it is genuine! – RyanfaeScotland Aug 27 '18 at 15:49

I think Jenny loved Forrest but it was a pure love, unlike what she thought she was worth. So she chose to remember Forrest as an unspoiled part of her past, and instead ran after a hedonistic life. When she did consummate her relationship with Forrest she left because she was afraid that she would taint him. Only when she was really sick and needed him to care for her son did she allow him into her life, knowing that her running days were over.


I think Jenny was mentality mix up in the head from her poor up brining not stable in her mind about love but she know abuse.Which leads to bad behavior and no mental stability in some areas of her lif

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