I am referring to the scene where Jesse, the Gat Man, was releasing Sara who was held at gun-point.

A moment later, Cid can be seen walking down the stairs (maybe because of the commotion downstairs). As soon as Jesse senses a figure coming down the stairs, he points the gun at him. In a jiffy he draws his gun back, almost in a surrendering "hands-up" gesture, a look of horror mixed with shock/surprise spread across his face.

This is his expression on seeing Cid enter image description here

In the ensuing commotion Cid starts to tumble firing up his abnormal TK power.

This is his reaction when Cid starts to tumble (Notice the arms raised in hands up position)

enter image description here

Now I can't understand why does Jesse get alarmed on seeing a kid (assuming he doesn't know who he really is i.e. The Rainmaker). IMO, a suitable reaction on sensing that its just a kid, would be point the gun back at Joe. Why the shock and awe?

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Jesse was not just a hired killer to say, but he had some morality. He was talking about taking things outside, and was listening to the argument. When Cid comes down, Jesse points the gun at him as a reaction. When Cid sees him, he is startled and slips and falls down the stairs.

Jesse is surprised because Cid is just a boy and he did not want to point the gun on a kid. Also, he is slightly horrified that he startled Cid into him falling down the stairs. That's why he hastily took down his gun.

Per se, Jesse was an enforcer, not a bad guy.

  • Granted, Jesse was not a bad guy by any means. But the look on Jesse's face starts to transpire even before Cid makes the fall and not after it.
    – Sayan
    Commented Jul 19, 2013 at 15:30
  • startled to see a kid, he didnt want to scar the child maybe? Commented Jul 20, 2013 at 1:25

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