In the intro to the movie Pacific Rim, they mention Kaiju Blue being somewhat of a problem after a kaiju was taken down. I didn't quite understand what it was or why it was a problem. What was it?

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    I also found this concept of kind of a fallout from Kaiju blood quite interesting when I heard it and hoped they would elaborate more on this. Yet they completely dropped it from then on.
    – Napoleon Wilson
    Jul 30, 2013 at 21:21

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It got elaborated in wikia pretty well:

"Kaiju Blue" is the Blood of the monsterous Kaiju creatures. It is also highly toxic to the Earth and Humans. It can instantly poison the land it falls on. Everything gets stained, Peoples skin, their nails, everything. and if it gets into the human system, the suferer will begin to cough up blue vapour. -

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    It also appeared to be highly corrosive, only able to be handled following treatment with ammonia.
    – Nobby
    Jul 18, 2013 at 4:04

In addition to AnkitSharma's correct answer to the question of what it actually was I'd just like to add another viewpoint that occurred to me in the wake of the recent Godzilla-hype.

Radiation has always been a strong element of the Godzilla-franchise, especially Godzilla's nature as a radioactive monster and his meaning as a symbol for the dangers of nuclear weapons and radioactivity in general. So since the obvious influence of Godzilla on Pacific Rim is undenyable, being the Kaiju-movie(s) par excellence, it may very well be that Kaiju Blue and its devastating and toxic effects are also a reference/hommage to exactly this strong radiation aspect of the Godzilla-movies and other Kaiju-movies they spawned.

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