In We Were the Lucky Ones E04 & E05, after digging their own graves, the Jews are told to take off their clothes.

Some of the Jewish men then run charging towards the German soldiers, but all are shot down.

Mila then starts running towards the soldiers too and somehow nobody shoots her down. Why?

enter image description here

She then runs into a soldier, simply gives him her ring, and the soldier allows her to get on the truck. How is this possible?

She and Felicia are next shown to be back safely in the ghetto. How is this possible?

All of the above seems absurdly implausible. All of the Jews were going to be shot anyway and the soldier could've just shot her and taken her ring anyway. And even if this soldier was somehow unusually kind or afraid to kill her, how would he explain why they were giving a Jew and her daughter (who were supposed to have been shot) a nice ride all the way back to the ghetto (where they could and indeed would tell others what they had seen)?


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