In Breaking Bad season 2's ending, Jane’s father, Donald, returns to work as an air traffic controller. 

In the Breaking Bad wiki, it states that he’s distracted by Jane’s death. 

However, every time I see that scene, he’s sweating, and I’m thinking he’s intentionally putting two planes at the same altitude on headings that would be both hard to see each other and relatively easy to crash into each other. 

Bearing in mind, air traffic is wildly open, a 3D space, instead of 2D like cars on a road. However, he precisely aligns two planes on the same 2D plane, which vastly enhances the possibility of collision.

Was this intentional or just distracted work, as the wiki said?

In this scene, he clearly sees two planes on a heading that, if given the same altitude, would collide. He specifically tells them to get to the same altitude. On his screen, literally right in front of him, he sees the radius circles turn red, and he does nothing to prevent it. This is why I believe he intentionally set both of these planes to collide, not by accident. 

The episode description (don’t know if this is official or not) says “Jane’s grief stricken father takes action that results in further tragedy”, which enhances my assertion even more. 

What’s interesting is that we basically never know anything about Jane’s father afterwards, e.g. the investigation, any incarceration, or similar. 

At the end of S4E4, after Shrader turns down the El Paso assignment, we see Walt driving, who hears a news report about Donald being taken to a hospital for a self-inflicted gunshot wound. 



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