Tracker and his dog approached the receptionist’s desk and offered a gold coin for a room. The receptionist informed him that no dogs were allowed. However, he managed to persuade her and she relented, stating that the dog must remain in his room. He then took a seat and received a message on his phone about an 18 million dollar bounty announced on John Wick. He pulled out his notebook and underlined 18 million in the list of bounties:

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What does this list of bounties mean?

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    I don't think it's a list of bounties but levels of the possible bounty on JW he's looking for. It appears he's waiting until it's $50m so he can purchase the property shown as $48m.
    – Paulie_D
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As per what I have understood, The list of bounties represents monetary reward being given to individuals/teams who gonna hunt the given target. In this case, the $18 million bounty on John Wick indicates that he is a high-priority target.

Tracker seems like only involved in tracking targets(or maybe killing as well). But this time he involved himself in bounty hunting as he is interested in killing John Wick to get the bounties. But at the same time, he wants to get the price to go higher till 50 (shown in his book) so that he can enjoy the rest of his life. (probably purchasing the villa shown on the other side of the page, not confirmed though)

Seems like one kill and all your life is sorted, that's why it seems like he deliberately helping John not to get shot by others and trying to delay the process so that amount goes higher and higher. As we saw whenever John moves from one place to another by killing all hunters the price goes higher. So he was waiting for that amount to reach 50 then he will try to kill John.

Overall, the list of bounties serves as a really strong plot device in the movie to drive the story forward successfully from the very beginning of the movie series.

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