I’m wondering what the breathing apparatus / scuba gear worn by character Adam Clay at the end of Beekeeper is.

It looks like a backpack worn on the belly, and has large tubes to breath through. Is this apparatus made up for the film or is it an existing model? What function does it have?

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Yes, they exist

It's only a fleeting glimpse (apologies for the blurry capture) as shown but...

enter image description here

... this appears to be a Dräger rebreather (Wiki link) (specifically the Dräger LAR 8000) such as the one shown here.

enter image description here

Dräger diving rebreathers are closed-circuit or semi-closed-circuit underwater rebreather, developed for military rebreather diving. Depending on the device, they are suitable for all requirements of shallow water diving, mine clearance and other operations.

Drager website

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