Does the faith of the Seven have a 'Satan' figure- someone who tries to tempt the faithful away from the gods and toward sin?

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    gameofthrones.fandom.com/wiki/Faith_of_the_Seven - It appears not. People have free will and can choose to ignore the Seven and will likely end up in one of the seven hells if they do.
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    Feb 1 at 21:23
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    @Mithoron Nice one. And from the Seven Hells article in the the ASOIAF wiki: The Lord of the Seven Hells practices dark arts and commands demons. Smallfolk believe a witch can trade her unborn children to him, in return for being taught sorcery. This is clearly a Satan-based figure, especially if you take into account that the Faith Of Seven is based on Christianity. I think you should write an answer based on this information. Feb 2 at 15:14

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I think it's debatable. I doubt there's any mention of such belief in TV adaptations. In The Sworn Sword, Lord of the Seven Hells is mentioned, but only once and as some demon lord, rather then a great force tempting men. Overall, while various vague mentions of "demons" are present, there's no "devils".

Other than that, there are numerous evil deities in other religions, even Stranger of the Seven is a dark, "angel of death"-like figure, except there seems to be no angels, as well as no devils, in this religion.

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