On the golf course scene in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), while the narration about how Brad helped Jordan Belfort by holding stock under his name continues, Brad pretends to offer Donnie Azzof a handshake but then withdraws his hand at the last moment:

Brad: Who are you supposed to be, huh? Jack Nickle-Jew?

It seems "Jack Nickle-Jew” is a play on words that combines the name of the famous actor Jack Nicholson with the word “Jew".

Why did Bard fake out Donnie Azzof with a handshake here?

  • Because he's trying to look cool?
    – user25730
    Jan 23 at 2:33
  • I don't have the scene in front of me right now, but FYI, the famous golfer being referenced is probably Jack Nicklaus, not Jack Nicholson. Jan 25 at 23:33


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