At the end of The Dark Knight Fox told Batman that spying on people wasn't part of his job description. And then he asked Batman to consider this his resignation. Batman said "When you are done type in your name".

Yet in The Dark Knight Rises we see Fox as part of Wayne Enterprises as usual. Why? What happened? Is this just a mistake?

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I believe the phrasing was that "while this machine is at Wayne Enterprises I won't be". In the scene you're referring to he typed in his name to delete the software and destroy the machine.

The machine is no longer there so Lucius Fox was happy to remain.

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    That's why he walks away smiling as the machine starts to explode.
    – sksamuel
    Jun 26, 2013 at 9:37

At the end of The Dark Knight, Batman says "Sometimes people deserve to have their faith rewarded" and at that very scene Lucius types in his name which destroys that machine. So he appears in TDKR.

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