In Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, there is a scene where a character named Peg is pleading with Miles not to make Birdie Jay go through with making a statement to the press about Bangladesh. Peg is worried that if Birdie Jay makes the statement, her name will be destroyed.

Peg: Bird showed me the statement you want her to make to the press about Bangladesh, and if you make her go through with it, her name is…destroyed.

Why might Birdie Jay’s name be destroyed if she makes the statement about Bangladesh?

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Birdie Jay is incredibly stupid/naive as she received an email advising her that a factory in Bangladesh was a sweat shop and took no action because of that stupidity.

This is covered in later conversation

BIRDIE An email. With the Sweety Pants contractor. Two years ago.

PEG reading( ) "Ms. Jay, wanted to alert you that the proposed Bangladesh factory is notoriously one of the world's biggest sweat shops. Please advise." And then you replied... "Sounds perfect, thanks!" With your me-moji. Dabbing.

Peg is gutted. Then, after a long beat, it dawns on her. Very, very slowly:

PEG (cont'd) Birdie. Please tell me you didn't think "sweat shops"... were where they make sweat pants.

BIRDIE Miles is going to pay me off. He said if I take full responsibility for the sweat shops he'll pay me the value of my shares, thirty million. I'll do what I have to do to save myself. He's my only lifeline.

Blanc then accuses Miles of making Birdie take the fall to issue the statement taking responsibility

BLANC Birdie. Bangladesh. Sweetie Pants are manufactured there, in a sweat shop. You're making Birdie take the fall, to cover your ass as the main investor.

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