In Taken (2008), Bryan Mills' (Liam Neeson) CIA contact knows, from hearing the kidnappers' voices, exactly which village in Albania they're from. But apparently he doesn't know Albanian because Bryan has to hire a translator in Paris to translate what the kidnappers said.

How could the CIA agent know Albanian so well that he can tell which village they're from but doesn't know a word of Albanian?

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    Isn't the CIA agent just someone on the phone back home, before he goes to Paris? He needs someone on the ground right then and there
    – AakashM
    Nov 30, 2023 at 12:48

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The CIA contact is just passing on the results of the analysis of the recording made by Neeson's character.

He's at the end of a phone line..

Sam, it's me. I need a favor. I'm gonna download something. I need it analyzed. Right now.

Sam replies...

They're speaking Albanian. Based on their accents and dialects, they must be from Tropoja.

But when Mills needs someone local who can speak Albanian he hires the translator.

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    So in other words the CIA contact might not be the one who identified the village; he just passed the recording to the CIA's analysis team, then forwarded the result to Neeson's character.
    – Stef
    Dec 1, 2023 at 11:25
  • Yep, absolutely.
    – Paulie_D
    Dec 1, 2023 at 11:25

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