In the BBC made serialization Genesis of the Daleks the Daleks declare that Davros is inferior to them and that he must be exterminated.

He is the apparently killed of screen.

In later seasons he is shown to be alive.

does he survive being shot by the Daleks (and if so how) or is that episode considered to be non canonical\retconned out in some manner?

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This was addressed in Destiny of the Daleks. They killed him, but he refused to stay dead.

DOCTOR: No, no, no, we had that conversation last time we met. I'm more interested in your survival. I saw you destroyed. The Daleks blasted you at point-blank range.

DAVROS: Ha! There was damage to my primary life support system. The secondary and back-up circuits switched in immediately. Synthetic tissue regeneration took place whilst bodily organs were held in long-term suspension.

DOCTOR: Blimey, wasn't that outstaying your welcome in rather a big way?

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