In the 2020 movie I Care A Lot, Marla who has stolen a mafia family's diamonds as a predatory guardian for the old mother of the family (without knowing who she is). Marla is kidnapped and tortured by Roman (the head of the family) so that he can obtain the location of the diamonds.

She doesn't tell him the whereabouts and after a short conversation Roman orders his men to kill her.

Why did he give up the diamonds so easily?

  • Doesn't that scene just tell you that he considers his family and revenge more important than money? The scene reveals his motivations to the audience. Roman's decision may not make sense to you, but it doesn't have to - its his decision.
    – iandotkelly
    Nov 18 at 16:54
  • @iandotkelly He clearly told this to Marla when she gained her conscious back: You have stolen something more than an old woman from me. Do you understand? Then Marla replied diamonds? and Roman nodded yes. So he clearly cared for the diamonds (besides his mom). Nov 18 at 20:55


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