On a monitor in The Departed (2006), Sullivan identifies everyone present with Irish Mob boss Frank near the building that they have under AV surveillance nearby. Frank checks his phone and sees a message from Sullivan that reads "No phones."

Sullivan: Time is 10:46.

Frank and his gang enters the building:

Frank: All right, turn off your cell phones. Fitzy's got the chicken. Check your weapons.

What does "the chicken" refer to?

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This would appear to be their own internal slang for 'the suitcase containing the stolen goods', noting that Fitzy is seen holding the suitcase a few seconds earlier as they enter the building.

enter image description here

As to why they refer to it as 'the chicken', they're being very cautious and suspect that they're under surveillance. If they are indeed being observed or overheard then saying "the contraband" or "the illegal stolen chips" would place them all in jeopardy, whereas they could argue that they literally thought that they were transporting some meat products.

It would probably be too much to assume that this is a pun (e.g. "chicken & chips") as that tends to be more of a British idiom

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