One Christmas night in L.A Confidential (1997), Officer Bud White departs from a bar and notices a woman with a bandaged nose in the vicinity of a car. Approaching the vehicle, Bud confronts Buzz, a former cop seated in the driver's position. After conducting a thorough search and finding a firearm, Bud inquires about the woman's well-being. Receiving confirmation that she is unharmed, Bud confiscates the bullets from Buzz's gun and joins with Dick Stensland:

Dick Stensland: What's going on?

Bud White: You know him?

Dick Stensland: Yeah, I've seen him around. He used to be a cop.

(Dick Stensland laughs)

Why did Dick Stensland laugh in this scene?

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From the script:

For an odd moment, Stensland and Meeks lock eyes.

Dick Stensland: Yeah, he used to be a cop.

This is just sarcasm. Capt. Dudley Smith even says that Buzz Meeks is a disgrace as a police officer. Buzz lost his badge and respect, he has no "rights" and won't be considered by former colleagues as "one of them".

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