In Man of Steel, it was made clear that Zod was born to be a great warrior, while Jor-El was the planet's foremost scientist. How then did Jor-El completely demolish Zod in hand-to-hand combat in the opening sequence during the birth of Kal-El?

  • =/ I think you're looking at this too much like a fan. Jor-el quite easily bested Zod when they were fighting, Zod could've blocked if he's that superior. If he was so desperate to stop the launch wouldn't the thing to do, especially for a military man, be to quickly get past the one you're fighting and get to your objective. Why would Zod not want to defeat Jor-el without killing him to in his mind save krypton? Also..Zod blind side stabbed Jor-el when he was looking up at the launch..hardly a skillful kill. It's just a bit far-fetched and could have been done better. Seemingly they simply wa – user6472 Oct 19 '13 at 17:08

Just because Jor-El was a nerd doesn't mean he is a weakling. Jor-El is a skilled fighter and pilot in the comics.

It doesn't matter what skills they possess, because in that scene you can see that Zod was surprised to see Jor-El do something so drastic. Zod was naive, in my opinion, even until the climax. He actually thought Kal-El would somehow give up on the earthlings. He says during the climax fights that his entire race is all gone, quite emotionally.

My point is, when he sees that Jor-El is ready to go the distance, he is surprised and that's when Jor-El gets him - while Zod is off-balance. He wouldn't be able to do that in an open situation, granted.

And what about the other scene when Jor-El escaped while being captive. He takes three guys using only a flash as the distraction. Jor-El is pretty bad-ass and this scene was kept for a reason - to clear your specific doubt. Jor-El was very skilled at fighting but not as good as Zod.

I don't agree with you, he did not completely demolish Zod. Zod was just down for a minute and the launch was done. It was unfair really. Two against one. One working the launch and one fighting Zod.

  • Not to mention the fact that Jor-El was fighting to save his son's life... – user21465 May 23 '15 at 17:25
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Agreed, Zod was born and raised to be a warrior. While Jor-El was an intellectual. No matter what one is born to be, a drastic situation creates a warrior out of every being. Jor-El required drastic measures to evade capture and fight the general. While Zod was reluctant and more focused on the retrieval of the codex. He had respect for Jor-El and did not want to defeat or kill him. His purpose was to try and persuade Jor-El to agree with his vision. At the end, when the codex was sent to Earth, Zod finally killed Jor-El. Just because Zod was beaten a few times, it does not make him weak. Zod could easily have sent a few soldiers to retrieve, or taken some support with him. But he went in alone knowing the risk and the requirement of the situation for some tact.


Jor-El is a military scientist most likely and Jor-El in Superman: The Animated Series also kicked a fair amount of ass.


In one scene they leave pretty clear that they where mates, probably in the army, he even had a tactical body armour. By the way he fights against Zod is clear he had military combat training, Zod probably are like many other superior officers who are bad at hand to hand combat training, and rely a lot in weapons.

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    This all sounds like opinion as opposed to answer. You are saying he clearly had military combat training as if you know what that is like on that planet. Can you at least reference or describe the "one scene" you mention? I suggest checking out the Tour to get a better idea of how to ask and answer questions. We're not a typical discussion forum. Don't be discouraged, we were all new here at some point. (PS- taking the Tour will get you your first badge.) – Meat Trademark Sep 5 '15 at 15:35

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