These are words spoken by characters in The Departed with the ‘F’ word inserted in the middle of them:




Sigmund fu_king Freud

Mr. Fu_king-Genius-Who-Didn't Even-Graduate-From-the-Academy?

Why do characters in The Departed put the ‘F’ word in the middle of their words?

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This is more an English Language question than one to do with the movie, though it's certainly in-character for the movie's dialog.

It's known as expletive infixation, and is a common idiomatic way of expressing. It works best on longer words and has known patterns as to where the infixation occurs.
It's a sub-set of tmesis

a word compound that is divided into two parts, with another word infixed between the parts, thus constituting a separate word compound. In a broader sense, tmesis is a recognizable phrase (such as a phrasal verb) or word that is divided into two parts, with one or more words interpolated between the parts, thus creating a separate phrase.

Is it really?

  • More simply: that’s how some people actually talk. Aug 14, 2023 at 12:20

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