In the 1987 Robocop, people mention the US army is helping the Mexican government fight rebel forces in what a news anchorman euphemistically refers to as 'the Mexican Crisis'.

What cause are these rebels fighting for, and why has the US sided against them?


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More fighting in the Mexican Crisis today when American troops participated in a Joint raid with Mexican Nationals against rebel racket positions in Cancun.

There's no more about that from drafts of the scripts or the movie transcript. Like many anticipation/SF movies, they set some background with big or small discrepancies between the two eras to back up the idea of it being in the future.

What these rebels are fighting isn't said. Why would the USA be helping the mexican government? Because it's common interest, as it's often the case when countries are involved, especially neighbours. This is not said either in the movie.

  • Of course, that could all be a smokescreen for a joint boondoggle to some Cancun resort, since at least in our reality it seems unlikely rebels would be positioned in Cancun of all places. 😉 (Mostly-kidding. But in the Robocop dystopia, it's not impossible. Then again, it's (probably more) possible that Cancun isn't a resort destination at all, in their world.)
    – FeRD
    Aug 10, 2023 at 21:31

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