During the night scene in L.A Confidential (1997), Officer Bud White and Dick Stensland are stationed in a car outside a residence, observing as a man inside physically assaults his spouse. In response to the situation, Bud White requests that the central police station dispatch a patrol car, commonly known as a “prowler,” to the specified address.:

Bud White: Hollywood, this is 6-Adam-7. Have Central send a prowler to 4216 Evergreen. Parole violation. Assault arising from a family dispute. We won't be here, but they'll see him.

Then Dick Stensland laughs and Bud White gets out of the car.

Why did Dick Stensland laugh in this scene?

  • Because he knows what Bud is like and what he is likely to do.
    – Paulie_D
    Jul 29, 2023 at 6:25

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Plainclothes officer Wendell "Bud" White is obsessed with punishing men who abuse women, his own mother having been beaten to death by his father. L.A. Confidential

Dick laughs because he knows what will happen next: Bud will kick the man's ***. Because of his background, he won't (can't?) let this kind of things happen.

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