In Joker, when Arthur's former co-workers come to visit him, why does he let Gary leave

after killing Randall?

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He only kills people who "weren't nice" to him. He even says this directly to Gary as he unlocks the door [4:00 in this clip]

You were the only one that was ever nice to me.

Randall threw him under the bus earlier on the gun incident, which lost Arthur his job. Ref: Why did Randall say that Arthur/Joker tried to buy a gun from him? We see clear evidence of this through the movie, by the ones we do see him kill - Randall, the 'Wall Street guys', his mother, Murray and almost certainly the psychiatrist.
Gary never did anything directly to hurt him.
You could compare this to Sophie's fate - she similarly never hurt Arthur, even when he surprised her by being in her apartment. Ref: Did Arthur kill his imaginary girlfriend - the one that lived in his apartment?

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