In the movie Point Break I came across the notion of switch car.

Here's some context from the movie:

"Reagan usually does the driving. Stolen switch car, they leave it runnin’ on the kerb. It looks parked from a distance. When they run, they dump the vehicle and they vanish."

What is switch car?

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    It's a car they switch to from a getaway car.
    – Paulie_D
    Jun 4 at 15:35
  • So, when he said When they run, they dump the vehicle... which car did he mean? Isn't the getaway car the one they should switch to when running away? Jun 6 at 8:25

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A 'getaway car' is the one they use to get away from the bank. Witnesses will be able to identify this car. A 'switch car' is a car they drive the 'getaway car' to after escaping the bank and switch into so they can then drive to their hideout without anyone connecting them to the bank robbery.

A getaway car is dumped and found by the police. The switch car is hopefully never connected to the bank robbery by the police.

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