Episode 3.06 (A Gun For Hire) of the Star Wars TV series, The Mandalorian is chucked full of references and callbacks, mostly to previous Star Wars content & The Mandalorian itself, but there were other aspects of the episode reminded me very much of The Wizard of Oz.

  • The greenery color schemes of both interior and exterior locations are in line with "Emerald City".
  • The dignitaries/nobles/staff reminiscent of the hierarchy of Emerald City citizens.
  • Captain Bombardier's aesthetic/hair has "curled" flourishes, like that of members of The Lollipop Guild (and some aspects of the characters or characterization felt very "pop" and/or like, 'horses of the different colors' with unique novelties).
  • Grogu behaved/treated like more of a "pet" similar to Toto, Dorothy's dog companion.
  • The Commissioner felt very much like The Wizard himself :aka The Man Behind the Curtain (and there could still be some other kind of potential fallout from the events, making him more of a fraud).

So my question is, were these things an intentional reference to The Wizard of Oz? I'm looking for a confirmation from EPs, director, writers, or cast members.

I would also be interested in any additional meaning for including this reference within this episode/season, but do realize, we may not know until the season is over.

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I think that the entire Mandalorian series can be compared to The Wizard of Oz. Not because of any references, but because most of the story is built on Din meeting different characters who are missing something and helping them find that something.

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