In Mank (2020), Orson Welles scolds alcoholic writer Mank, who wants screen credits, and that is against the contract:

Orson Welles: Remind me never again to work with a washed-up alcoholic!

Mank: Duly noted. Nelson Algren, please copy.

If Nelson Algren not present in the scene then why Mank mentioned his name here?

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Nelson Algren had some bad habits like gambling and drinking, and like many of his characters, mainly "bad boys" even though they were not pictured like this.

Mank and Algren shared many similarities. In this case, Mank and Welles are in the same kind of situation, a writer, a drinker, a film maker, and Mank references to this writer and background/story.

Mankiewicz was often asked to fix other writers' screenplays, with much of his work uncredited. source

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