I recently watched the British kids' film "Our Exploits at West Poley". This version was made in 1985 and is the only one that I have found referred to online.

However, I distinctly remember watching this film (or another based on the same book) as a boy way back in 1956/7. Does anyone have info on this? Was it made under another title?

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This article indicates that you are right:

The Secret Cave

Production Companies: Merton Park Studios, Ltd.; Children’s Film Foundation (UK). Distributor: Associated British Films. Director: John Durst. Producer: Frank Hoare. Screenplay: Joe Mendoza, based on Hardy’s novella “Our Exploits at West Poley.” Cinematography: Martin Curtis. Length: 62 minutes. Premiere: 1953.


Like Under the Greenwood Tree, The Secret Cave may not actually be lost; however, information on the film's availability is scarce. A children's film, The Secret Cave has the distinction of being the only English-language motion picture based on a Hardy source between 1929's Under the Greenwood Tree and 1967's Far from the Madding Crowd. ... The same story would be filmed again in 1985 under the name of the source material, Our Exploits at West Poley.

Subsequently typing "the secret cave" 1953 brings up a lot of links for the film, including the following:






enter image description here


If anyone remembers the popular childrens show "Animal Magic", this was presenter Johnny Morris's first film role.

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