I remember in How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) s1 that it was already established in the matchmaker episode (S01E07) with Camryn Manheim (Ellenor Frutt from The Practice!) that Ted is not gay / bisexual. In short, Ted is exclusively heterosexual.


(see 1:16 here)

Ellen: How do you think I feel? I have a 100% success rate. It's my hook. I could probably find somebody for you if you were gay.

Ted: Well, I'm not.

Ellen: A little bi maybe?

Ted: No. You're messing with me, right?

Ellen: Come see for yourself.

Question: Is there anything similar for Sophie in HIMYF s1? (Or if there's something HIMYF s2, then feel free to answer once s2 starts airing.)

Context: I have this strange feeling that Ian vs Jesse is somehow a red herring for Sophie x Valentina or Ellen.

Like a similar trick to what was done in HIMYM, the 2008 movie Definitely, Maybe or The Legend of Korra (spin-off of Avatar The Last Airbender). Sophie could have a biological child with either Ian or Jesse and even end up marrying 1 of them but I don't see what's stopping Sophie to ultimately ask out Valentin or Ellen after a divorce with or the death of the husband if any.

So I wanna see if there's anything similar like Sophie went to a matchmaking place and said specifically 'I'm not bisexual'.

Edit based on Darth Locke's suggestion in comments:

I am looking for dialogue or clarification from the Eps, writers, or cast

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    @BCLC You might want to clarify that you are looking for dialogue and/or clarification from the Eps, writers, or cast...As the previous comment states, some are taking this as an opinion-based answer when there could be a legit answer from legit sources... Jan 19, 2023 at 18:27
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Here's the closest thing I've found so far:

Later in S01E01, Sophie says 'I've been on 87 Tinder dates this year.'

enter image description here

And 'I don't do, like, sexy stuff with all the guys.'

enter image description here


  1. 'Guy' is sometimes gender-neutral.

  2. It could be that Sophie means e didn't do sexy stuff for whomever were male among the 87 dates.

  3. Korra probably dated only males before Asami.


Aacording to S02E03 it is not ruled out.

enter image description here

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