In Following (1998), how come The Blonde gives up so easily when Cobb doesn't tell her where he put her earring? There is no excuse for Cobb to not tell her and teasing is not acceptable for a long period since it's a valuable item.

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In the directorial debut of Memento 2001 and Batman Begins 2005 director Christopher Nolan, "Following 1998",

The character of the "attractive" blonde is from the start, intimately involved with the thief, Cobb. As a co-conspirator, she has no reason to suspect that her opportunities to retrieve the earring will be numbered thus it is not a priority.

To make the earring retrieval a low priority is probably a twofold mechanism used by the director,

  1. it is an implication of trust consciously laid out by the director, and
  2. it is a vehicle used to drive the impact of the less than stellar MacGuffin - which was displayed early on - and then repeatedly thereafter:

That Cobb cannot be trusted by anyone.

Had the blonde distrusted Cobb too thoroughly, it is unlikely the final twist would have had any impact.

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