In the new Netflix series, "Wednesday", about Wednesday Addams, what's up with her shoes?

I don't usually notice shoes*, but what's with all the super thick soles? Almost all of them seem to be +2" thick. Is that something the director wanted to help keep the relatively short actress in the frame better or is that simply a "goth chick" style?

They seemed more like what Lurch would wear, rather than a girl/young woman who professes in the series not to care what people think of her, except when she likes how they feel about her as "different".

I found an article about the shoes, but it was geared more towards where to buy them than anything else. And all of them seemed to be high-end/expensive brands, so is it just a marketing thing so the series can get sponsors?

Is there even a single answer or is it more like a combination of multiple factors that include reasons I haven't mentioned?

* Even though I don't normally notice shoes, these were almost obnoxiously large, to the point where I thought they were distracting away from the story, which is why I'm asking this question at all.

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    The question as stated is "what's up with the character's shoes?" followed by opinion-based criticism of a TV show's costume choices. I have seen way better questions than this closed in five minutes. Then they get an answer and pick a fight with the person who answered. Voting to close this.
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  • That's what all the hot chicks wore when I was in HS. I found it pleasantly distracting that she DGAF about fashion.
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    I don't know if it really answers your question but creepers have always been the "in" shoe for "outcast" groups, and they've been around since like 1949. I think the stereotype that "outcasts / goths/ punk rockers / etc wear thick soled shoes" is a pretty common so this probably just follows suit since it's the entertainment industry we're talking about. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brothel_creeper
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  • Your mom wears combat boots. "A woman wearing combat boots or boots of sort can be perceived as having a strong personality and are often the ones to take control of the situation. They also like to have a plan for the future. Believe it or not, but boots wearers also are believed to have a masculine side in their personalities." - belief isn't required; just watch the show.
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This appears to be a case of the tail wagging the dog. Actress Jenny Ortega is a little over five feet tall. With the addition of a pair of her Prada Monolith shoes (she also rocks a pair of Slider Platform Sneakers), she adds approximately three inches of height without the need to wear high heels, something that would be out of character for someone as retro-gothic as Wednesday.

Apart from Wednesday's on-screen best friend Enid, played by Emma Myers, most of the cast has a stark difference in height to Ortega. Myers stands at 5'3", but many others are between 5'5" 1/2, with Luis Guzmán as Gomez Addams, up to 6'3" which is how tall Gwendoline Christie playing Principal Weems is. In order to make sure that Wednesday isn't overshadowed by her co-stars, the production uses a variety of tricks to ensure the height differences aren't too distracting.

In addition to helping establish the character of Wednesday and give her a unique sense of style, the platforms helped to place the actors on a more level playing field in order to let the acting take center stage.

ScreenRant: How Tall Is Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega?


All the cool kids are wearing chunky-sole shoes this year. I just picked the first shoe shop I could think of - https://www.deichmann.com/en-gb/women

enter image description here

3rd pair from the left are not dissimilar. I didn't go hunting for an exact match, this is literally just the first thing you're presented with on a fairly random choice of high street shoe shop.

More similar 'school shoes' on https://www.deichmann.com/en-gb/ladies-shoes/brogues/loafers/c-wsl1d.
These links will obviously be totally different next year, but I'm sure we don't need a whole pageful of school shoe pictures cluttering the site ;)

It started with the kids who would identify as something along the lines of emo or goth - which would certainly suit - and also seems to have some anime or manga connotation a year or so ago & has now gone mainstream.

enter image description here

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    Then I'm not sure what your question is? Why did one of Hollywood's most prestigious costume designers think the star of the show should never wear the same outfit twice? As she's stuck in school uniform for a good part of the show, what else was there to play with?
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    You're really questioning that for decades Hollywood has avoided dressing the female star in the same outfit two scenes running if they can possibly avoid it? You've not been watching carefully.
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    Now you're just being obtuse. Everything in a movie/show is important to the look & feel. You might not notice it unless you actually specialise. It's not meant to be noticed, it's meant to be felt. If she'd worn a light pink tracksuit with pale grey trainers & the show had been set in an ordinary, no uniform, urban school… would it be the same show? [BTW, the target audience will notice & will all want shoes like that.]
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    I'm done. You don't want an answer you want to someone to just agree with you. I don't agree with you.
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