In Widows (2018), Harry's widow Veronica hands her gangmate Linda a blueprint of a building and she asks her to visit the building. So Linda visits “Bridges | Getty” architect office and shows the desk receptionist a blueprint and asks about the designer of the blueprint. Although hesitant, the receptionist answers her. Meanwhile, Linda steals visiting cards:

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Why did Linda steal visiting cards?

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Linda is hoping that the architect who designed the building will have a business card in the card holder, simplifying the task of reaching out to him.

Receptionist: Wait a minute, let me ask someone.

[She takes the blueprint and disappears. LINDA eyes the business cards on the reception desk, grabs a handful, and stuffs them into her purse. She walks to the adjacent balcony, tracking the receptionist through the atrium, spotting her having a conversation.

The receptionist returns.]

Receptionist (Cont'd): I'm sorry I can't tell you anything.

Linda (growing desperate): My boss is interested in having one built just like it.

[Her desperation kindles something in the receptionist.]

Receptionist: It was designed by Terry Foster

Linda: Thank you

Int. Linda's Car - Day

[TERRY FOSTER is not among the cards she has stolen]

Linda: Shit

The Widows: Script

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