In Seinfeld S8:E8 (The Chicken Roaster)

George leaves an expensive fur hat at his date in order to get another date when he comes back to pick it up.

However I can't figure out what happened with this item in the end. An internet search gave me this reddit thread which contains some speculation, but not much else.

Was the answer to this question ever made clear, either in the show or by the writers? It's really bugging me!

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    I'd be surprised if there is, in all honesty. Sitcoms aren't generally known for their strict continuity.
    – F1Krazy
    Commented Jul 17, 2022 at 22:13

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Jerry Seinfeld was asked this question in a Reddit AMA. His answer was less than illuminating.

Q: What really ever happened to George's Sable hat? (S8 E8)

Jerry Seinfeld: It probably went back to the prop department where it came from.

In-universe there were multiple possible thieves; the date (who was aware of the hat's value and might have sold it on or returned it to her store), the maid, the various friends that the date 'had over' the night before or George himself might have been lying about losing the hat because he didn't want to give it back to Elaine.

We don't know and aren't ever told.

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