Throughout phases 3-4 of the MCU, Thanos tries to, and succeeds in wiping out half of all existence.

He says this is due to overpopulation (a different motive from the comics), but Eternals tells us it was to stop The Emergence happening on Earth.

So, my 2-part question:

  1. Why did he lie about his true reasoning?
  2. Why did he eradicate all life, and not just Earth's?

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the Eternals tells us it was to stop the emergence happening on Earth.

Actually, No

You are operating under a false premise. The Eternals makes no statement that Thanos was trying to stop the emergence.

I think you are missing the thrust of what this quote actually means.

Five years ago, Thanos erased half of the population of the universe. Delayed the emergence.

That's what happened, it does not mean that Thanos intended to delay the emergence even assuming he knew about it. Killing 50% of the worlds population just had the effect of delaying the emergence, it wasn't his plan to do that.

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