In Stranger Things, I'd like to have an overview of what the general public know of the events of the series and how it relates to the real events. This is in reference to a woman's remark on "all the terrible things that happen in Hawkins" at the meeting in S4E07.

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Season Public perception What's behind it
One Barb disappears (declared dead in season 2). Barb taken to upside-down by demogorgon and killed.
Will disappeared and later reappeared. Kidnapped to upside-down (infested) and rescued.
Benny completes suicide. Actually killed by government agents because he had extended contact with Eleven.
Students break into Hawkins middle school. Eleven kills several government agents.
Two Bob dies. Bob killed by demogorgons helping the others to escape.
Experiments on children at Hakins Lab exposed, leading to closure of the lab. The government wanted to weaponize psychic children.
Three A mall fire killed several dozens of townspeople The people where killed to form the mind flayer's body in the upside-up.
...including Hopper Hopper was transported to Russia while closing the gate.
...and Billy Billy sacrificed himself to kill the mind flayer's body.
Four Three teenagers are brutally killed, it is pinned on Eddie. Vecna killed them via psychic connection to open a huge gate.
Other students hide Eddie from the police. Spot-on for once, but apparently only temporarily relevant.
An earthquake impacts Hawkins, killing over 20 people, including Jason and Eddie Vecna opened a gate
..., injuring Max Vecna killed Max to complete the mega-gate (El later resurrected her).
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    Don't forget Bennie's death in season 1. Jun 8, 2022 at 22:24

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