I've not been able to identify the stately home that features as "Residence 1" in the Blake's 7 episode "Rumours of Death". I think it should be quite recognisable.

Does anyone know where it is?

Location of Residence 1


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Just adding to the above, as I think the Cornbury suggestion nailed it (and is confirmed in the linked pages of the answers and below):

enter image description here

Complete with giant tree to the right.


enter image description here

Lets take the location of ‘Residence One’. It would appear that Blake’s 7 isn’t the only series that Cornbury Park in Oxfordshire has hosted.

This page also has a couple of comparison shots:

enter image description here


I remembered a scene from a Blake's 7 episode.

I just watched the begining of "Rumors of Death" online and the scene I remembered was in it.

I thought that the mansion I remembered from that scene had a pedimented portico with about 4 columns. But there is no portico in exterior shots of the mansion, so it appears my memory is faulty and the mansion is even less impressive than I rememberd. I always thought that claiming the mansion cost more than building two new cities was an incredbily extreme exaggeration - whatever happened to the proverbial British understatement - and now it appears that the exaggeration is even more extreme.

From what I have seen of the exterior of the mansion so far, it could be Cornbury Park, as BCdotWEB suggests in his comments. Or maybe one of perhaps a hundred other English mansons with a similar style.

I suppose that if someone watches the episode to the end the end credits might have locations listed.


At the suggestion of @BCdotWeb, I did a Google search for "Cornbury Park Blake's 7" and was directed to information about the house.

Among a number of other television drama appearances (Inspector Morse, Father Brown) this specific Blake's 7 episode is listed.

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