Previously I asked What's the term for some sequel where we see the characters in the original but much older? where an answer is Character Aged with the Actor but in the examples I've mentioned the Motion Picture Association film rating or whatever doesn't change (except possibly Rugrats vs All Grown Up).

With iCarly (2007-12) however, its 2021 revival definitely has a different rating. Like...there's sex and stuff.

Is iCarly the 1st of its kind? Or is there precedence?

Note 1: When I say official, I mean to exclude not only 'Rule 34' or whatever and other fanfiction but also things like Once Upon a Time.

Note 2: As for the reverse case of kids' sequel to an adult series, I can't think of anything, but I don't imagine it's as rare. Maybe Back to the Future animated series. I really mean here adult sequel to kids' series.

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    I haven't seen the Punky Brewster revival to know if it's existence on streaming factored into a ratings change of said content between each series, but of so, I think it's revival premiered slightly before iCarly's. Apr 30, 2022 at 16:19
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    There were a couple spinoffs from Little House On The Prairie that dealt with more adult issues. Apr 30, 2022 at 16:19
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Yes, there are precedents

While I'm sure there have been plenty of others, one that immediately comes to mind is The Brady Brides (1981), which was a spinoff of The Brady Bunch (1969-74). While there wasn't a huge jump in content, it did go from "G-Rated" to "Almost PG-Rated". For instance, in the very first episode there is an exchange between Marcia and Jan, when looking at a potential home's kitchen:

Marcia: "There's even a wine rack!"
Jan: "Betty Crocker could get crocked."

There's also the neighbor, who introduces herself as "'Miss', by choice. Because men only have one thing on their mind." Clearly an allusion to sex, without being as explicit as shows are today.

These examples are outside the scope of the usually wholesome Brady Bunch image.


Velma is the 2023 animated series reworking the origin story of the Scooby Doo franchise. It is the first show in the franchise aimed at adults. The critics said:

“Velma,” [...], delves deeper into her narrative, giving her an emotionally unavailable dad, a mysteriously missing mother, friends, frenemies, and a sexuality while rightly positioning her as the central gumshoe in an increasingly bizarre case of murdered hot girls at her school.


There is another example from recent memory

I'd consider Saved by the Bell (2020) as another example. It has a lot more language and mature themes compared to the original series and Good Morning Miss Bliss.

Some curse words used includes h***, b****, and d***. An example of mature themes includes a mention about pornography.

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I am not sure if it fits your criteria, but there used to be a series called Punky Brewster - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0086787/ in the 80s. From the looks of it that would have been a kids/teen series.

The series was recently rebooted with the same actress who played the protagonistic child in the original series. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10436362/ From the setup it appears to be a young adult/parenting/family sitcom now.

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In the UK there was a Saturday morning TV show specifically for kids called 'Tiswas'.

In 1982 it was rebranded as 'O.T.T' and broadcast in an 11.00pm timeslot specifically for adults with many of the same presenters.

O.T.T. ("Over the Top") is a late-night adult version of the anarchic ATV children's show Tiswas, and was made by its ITV franchise successor Central Independent Television. It was broadcast at 11.00pm on Saturday nights for one series from 2 January until 3 April 1982. O.T.T. was created and presented by Chris Tarrant, and also starred Tiswas performers John Gorman, Lenny Henry and Bob Carolgees. Helen Atkinson-Wood was the female sidekick replacement for Sally James, who stayed behind to present the concurrent and final series of Tiswas alone with special appearances from Ellen Thomas.


I know that it's not strictly live action, but the 1980s children's cartoons He-Man, Thundercats, Visionaries and Transformers all had comic book revivals that were aimed at the original child audiences when they were older teens. They contained sex and violence above PG-13 levels.

The Michael Bay version of Transformers is also aimed at a more grown up audience and has sex, violence and drugs in it.

Saved By the Bell had the College Years, which was aimed at a slightly older audience. Though not "adult".

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Kids TV series - The Banana Splits.

Slasher movie for adults - The Banana Splits Movie

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