The movie "Jeanne Dielman, 23, Quai du Commerce 1080 Bruxelles" directed by Chantal Akerman in the year 1975 deals with a widowed housewife who does her daily duties over a span of three days while making money through the job of a sex worker.


Jeanne gets pregnant during the movie.

My reasons:

In the middle of the third act, which is the third and last day, a scene about the trouble of perfecting the taste of home made coffee is being shown. After watching the scene, in which Jeanne Dielman fails to enjoy her coffee (which she usually likes), I came to the conclusion that she might be pregnant (the father could be one of her prior sex clients). A following scene showing her playing with a baby she often has to babysit supports the interpretation, due to the fact that she didn't seem to care for the wellbeing of the child earlier on the other day (the second act). Even her daily house duties getting sloppy on the third day is supporting the change in her.

Was Jeanne Dielman pregnant? Is there any confirmation?



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