At the end of Succession season 2 episode 2, Kendall goes to a small store and steals a pack of batteries that he throws away immediately after leaving the shop.

In my opinion, this is an act of rebellion against "the authority" (his father), after Ken

reluctantly executed his father's Vaulter plan.

Can this be something else?

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It is revealed in S02 E04: Kendall has a new addiction: cleptomania (he steals some random stuff) and they (Gerri, Colin...) try to keep it under the rag, but Gerri admits it to Shiv.


As you remember, Kendall is broken after Season 1 finale. He wanted to gain some kind of control and power in his life.

i think it was a display of kendall feeling absolutely powerless. he didn’t want to shut down vaulter, he did it “because his dad told him to.” he’s firmly under his dad’s thumb and hates it. he stole the batteries so he could feel some semblance of control in his life again, some modicum of power, however small.

reddit comments, u/justsomehandsomeguy

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