In Donnie Brasco (1997), Sonny Black speaks to electrolarynx Man, who try to sell Sergio Valentes:

Sonny Black: I got a guy that's in the middle of this load of Sergio Valentes.

Man: A dime on the vig.

Sonny Black: So, what do you got on the street?

Man: $100,000.

(Sonny Black returns pants back)

Sonny Black: That should be $250,000 by the end of the year.

Actually dime is coin that has 10 cent worth of value in the U.S


Apart from the more common slang usage of dime to mean 10 cents, it seems that in some gambling circles a dime is also a $1000.

A vig, or vigorish, is the "tax" taken by a bookie on a straight bet. Say you bet $100 - if the vig is 10% you'd have to stump $110.


However, it appears that "dime on the vig" can also mean that the vig is 10%


I'm not sure exactly where this fits in the context of selling jeans - possibly that the man will buy the jeans at 10% of the retail price, or take 10% of the money in the deal, or simply loan the money at 10%.

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    I thought the vig was also the interest on a loan. So a dime on the vig might be 10% interest. Jan 15 at 16:43

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