In the movie Don't Look Up (2021), China, India, and Russia joined forced to destroy the comet, but their base in Russia blew up before they could launch their rockets.

Was the USA, BASH, or anyone else responsible for this?

Or was it just an unfortunate accident?

Is it maybe recognizable from the explosion scene?

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    This isn’t answered in the movie but we get many subsequent scenes with the U.S. and BASH characters who would have been responsible and they never mention the failed Russian launch, which suggests they had nothing to do with it. Dec 31 '21 at 13:39

From what I’ve read there were changes to the plot -This is wild speculation on my part but perhaps “originally” BASH ,maybe with the blessing of the US blew up the Russian launch-Just seems that plot element was a removed piece that belonged . But it also seems though they may have decided to leave that part ambiguous . Maybe I’m reading too much into this but when Oglethorpe delivered the news of the failed Russia/China/India attempt at 1:45 of the movie it just seems the mannerisms and dialog hints that there was more to it than “just” the fact that the earth was likely going to be destroyed.


The base blew up on its own, so to speak. Just like the complete failure of the US' attempt to blow up the comet was due to major malfunctions, so too was Russia's attempt. No country or organization was behind that failure, as the money to be made from the comet was based on disabling the comet and breaking it into chunks, where it could be safely harvested after it came to Earth. Blowing up Russia's rockets wouldn't have benefitted anyone.

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    Source of information please? It certainly benefits BASH for the Russians to fail.
    – Paulie_D
    Dec 30 '21 at 17:02
  • How so? If the Earth is destroyed, how does BASH benefit? Dec 30 '21 at 17:08
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    And when it slams into Earth, blasting the planet into pieces, how exactly are they gonna harvest those metals? Remember, their attempt to break the comet into pieces and safely guide those pieces to Earth for harvesting had already failed. Dec 30 '21 at 19:27
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    "when it slams into Earth, blasting the planet into pieces, how exactly are they gonna harvest those metals?" BASH's plan was to splinter the comet into smaller pieces and have the smaller pieces steered by the BEADs into the Pacific Ocean. They did not plan for the comet to slam into the earth while not yet splintered. When the Russian base exploded, BASH hasn't launched its mission yet. Had the joint China-India-Russia mission succeeded, BASH would not have had the chance to mine the asteroid for minerals. Dec 31 '21 at 3:48

I don't think USA/Bash blew it up. Right after the BASH mission failed, China's president texted directly Orlean that the comet was still intact. Would he have done that if they were responsible for such an infamous and villainous move?

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    I'm also not sure what the logic is here. Why does China's communication at the BASH mission failure relate to the Russian failure? While I personally think you are correct that its not implied that BASH did it - even if they did, they would probably have kept it secret.
    – iandotkelly
    Jan 3 at 21:54

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