Rafa and his girlfirend carried out a kidnapping and teh Minister of Education wanted to get Rafas head.

Gallardo tried to negotiate and asked DFS (Nava) for help. Nava told him he could help him, if he transports weapons to Nicaragura. At this point he was beaten up by a group of soldiers until Stechner came and said its enough.

I think its not said how the DFS found a solution to calm the Minister of Education. So I won't ask any questions about that. All I understood was that Nava wanted to teach Gallardo a lesson, to remind him of his place.

However, I don't get the following:

  • Why did he send him to Nicaragua?
  • Why was Nava not sure if he would come back alive? (he mentioned something like, glad it worked out).
  • What was the point of the character Stechner?


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