At one point in the film, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange fight over the spell box that has the ability to send all of the multiverse villains back to their respective timelines.

However, at one point in the battle Strange separates Parker from his physical body and attempts to take the box from his hand. Instead, even though Parker’s astral form is separated from his body, his physical body is still moving the box away from Strange’s reach. Strange goes as far as noting that Parker shouldn’t be able to do that.

How was he able to do that? As we have seen earlier no one is capable to do that not even Dr. Strange (according to movies).


This is not an authoritative answer but rather a plausible explanation. I got it from this Screen Rant video.

It is because Spider-Man has a spider sense (aka his tingle) as one of his powers. This power is in his body, not his soul, and allows the body to sense danger and thus react accordingly. In other words it is a super-powered instinct that other beings who have been separated from their soul wouldn’t have.


His Spidey sense was tingling.

If you look at the scene where he is floating around, you can see wiggly lines similar to his classic spidey sense.

enter image description here

Spiderman powers are often associated with spiderman in the form of the spider totem and the web of reality so it's reasonable them giving his spidey sense enough mystical mojo to still function when his body is disconnected from his soul.

This may link in with the upcoming comic spiderverse films, across the spiderverse. A popular villain is Morlun, who hunts and eats Spidemen across the multiverse for their mystical mojo.

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