I have followed Saw franchise long ago (decade kind of) and didn't even check Jigsaw yet and wanted to catch Spiral: From the Book of Saw but can I understand it?

Is this film able to be understandable solo or do I need to see Jigsaw? Or any other previous film?

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There was an enormous amount of effort and thought put into the making of Spiral to have it NOT be Saw IX. A lot of the choices made are actually discussed throughout the Spiral wiki page.

In addition, Spiral was also not meant to be a complete reboot. There still may be a Saw 9, and may also be a sequel to Spiral.

Finally, it also is not a reimagination. It is simply a similar movie where the antagonist is a Jigsaw copycat, and which utilizes the theme of traps giving the victims the choice of death versus voluntary dismemberment/disfigurement/disablement.

In my opinion, as a long time Saw franchise 'fan', Spiral is quite able to be appreciated as a stand-alone movie, however a viewer would better understand the traps if one or two of the original series were previously viewed. It is definitely not a requirement to view all previous 8 movies in the franchise to understand Spiral.

If, as you say, you've seen previous movies in the series, you are perfect as a viewer of this new one. You'll 'get' the concept of the traps and not be completely lost in the why of things.


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