For Squid Game, I've seen multiple theories that Il-nam was treated differently in "Red light, Green light" because he does not have a green hue in the robot's vision but I feel like I see a faint one in the playback. Was he really safe? Or is this just conjecture?

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There's no evidence to support whether or not Il-nam was treated differently in Red Light, Green Light

Looking back at the scene you can see that most people are not highlighted at first:

enter image description here

The robot determines who moves and who does not move. It highlights the still players as green and the moving players as red.

enter image description here

As you can see, Il-nam is highlighted in the second image.

So based on that alone, we can't really tell if the robot was programmed to ignore Il-nam. We really don't know if he's treated any differently than any other player in the game up until game 4 because he plays and wins each game up until then.

It is still possible that had Il-nam moved during the red light phase that the robot would have ignored him. We never see him do it, so we don't know.

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