I have recently watched the movie "The Woman in the Window" (2021) with Amy Adams. I probably missed something, because I do not understand why the son, Ethan Russell (played by Fred Hechinger), killed Jane Russell 1 (a.k.a Katie, played by Julianne Moore). What was his motive?

Thank you for your explanation and help.


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It wasn’t all in her head. Anna Fox, the former therapist suffering from agoraphobia, who regularly drank too much alcohol with her medication, did in fact witness a murder in her neighbors’ house; but neither the victim nor the murderer was who she thought. The "shocking" twist that the Russells' teenage son Ethan was the murderer was likely only a surprise to Anna, as Ethan was super creepy and suspicious throughout the movie. And the victim was not Jane Russell, as Anna kept insisting, but Ethan’s biological mother Katie.


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