In Lucifer S05e15 Is This Really How It's Going To End?, Dan Espinoza gets kidnapped by a group of mercenaries when he's investigating a murder. Dan's friends get together and start searching for him.

However, despite their efforts, Dan ends up getting shot by a mercenary and Chloe finds him with serious injuries. He's rushed into the hospital but soon succumbs to his injuries.

I can't help but wonder why Amenadiel didn't use his ability to slow down/freeze time in order to find Dan. That would make human allies freeze in the search but so would be the mercenaries, which means Amenadiel, Lucifer and Maze could track down the mercenaries easily and find Dan

and they could've avoided him getting shot

I didn't see any canon explanation on why Amenadiel didn't use or even consider using this power in this critical situation. Or did I miss something?

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