In Squid Game, Gi-hun (Player 456) and Sang-woo (Player 218) are both identified as being from Ssangmun-dong. Ali (Player 199) initially thought that Gi-hun's name was "Ssangmun-dong" since Gi-hun introduced himself as being from that area. While Gi-hun proudly identifies as being from Ssangmun-dong, Deok-su (Player 101) calls Gi-hun "Ssangmun-dong" in a derisive manner.

Related dialogue:


Gi-hun: The name's Seong Gi-hun. I live in Ssangmun-dong.
Deok-su: Hey, Ssangmun-dong shit.


Gi-hun: (to Sang-Woo) Hey, come on, you're still Ssangmun-dong's own pride and joy. You're still the genius who got accepted to SNU Business School. So don't worry. You'll make money again.


Gi-hun: It will take a whole lot more killing Gi-hun. Hah! I got Ssangmun-dong running through this heart, huh?

Deok-su: Hey, Ssangmun-dong, what are you doing? We're just helping cull the herd. [laughs]

Ali: I know your name already, though. Ssangmun-dong.
Gi-hun: [chuckles] Ssangmun-dong is just my hometown.


Deok-su: Hey, Ssangmun-dong. Hey, I appreciate the work you're doing. Nice. But do you think these will do anything? [scoffs] We can get through all of this easily. [chuckles]


Gi-hun: Ssangmun-dong's golden child, the genius Cho Sang-woo, who went to SNU was here? Rolling around this shithole, slamming with us, simpletons, huh!

What is the significance of Gi-hun and Sang-woo being from Ssangmun-dong? Are there any stereotypes associated with a person who is from Ssangmun-dong?

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    I wondered exactly the same, and it's not that easy to google. The wikipedia page on the neighborhood merely states that it was popularized by Squid Game. I suspect it will need a native of Seoul to answer. It may of course mean nothing in particular.
    – iandotkelly
    Oct 2 at 17:40
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    From context [& I've only seen the first couple of episodes so far] the conversations all imply it's a 'low rent' district, 'wrong side of the tracks', little more. Anyone 'escaping' that poor start in life to go on to university is doing better than expected in the rat-race [whether their escape - business meetings in the US - is real or they messed it up is more plot than circumstance imo]. In the UK it wouldn't be unheard of to call someone by their 'birthplace' in perhaps slightly derogatory or even just male-bonding kind of way, "Hey, London!" "How ya doin, Geordie?"...
    – Tetsujin
    Oct 2 at 18:29

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