In Don't Breathe (2016), Nordstrom, the blind man antagonist (or protagonist?) explicitly says that he does not believe in God:

Nordstrom: God? There's no God. It's a joke. It's a bad joke.

However, at the beginning of the sequel Don't Breath 2 (2021), he says that God is fair:

Nordstrom: Never take anything for granted. God will take it from you.
Young girl: Is God bad?
Nordstrom: God is fair.

Why did he change his mind?

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    Einstein notoriously said that God does not play dice; yet, he labeled himself agnostic, whilst rejecting the notion of a personal deity as both immature and anthropomorphic; as such, there need be no actual contradiction between the two statements quoted in the post, since it is quite conceivable for one's personal views & opinions on this or any other matter to be idiosyncratic, and thus hard to pin down in terms of conventional norms.
    – Lucian
    Sep 17, 2021 at 11:29


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