I just finished watching Lupin "In the shadow of Arsène" series by Netflix.

The series is manifestly inspired to Arsène Lupin, portrayed in the novels by Maurice Leblanc.

While in the plot there is no mention ever of the (more popular????) Lupin 3rd, nephew to Arsène character from the comic/cartoon manga/anime series, I am curious to ask if the authors of Lupin series took inspiration/influence from Lupin 3rd, as I could find at least a couple of connections.

Are there any references to Lupin 3rd in the series?

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Benjamin's car

Lupin the 3rd's gang notably owns an iconic yellow Fiat 500 driven by Jigen Daisuke. Cosplayers playing Lupin's gang with their iconic car In the Lupin series, at some point Benjamin is portrayed driving an identical car. Judging from the epoch of the novels, I seriously exclude that Arsène Lupin 1st could drive any sort of car.

Cop chase

One of the iconic recurring scenes in Lupin 3rd is the awkward chase by a large number of cops sent by Mr. Zenigata. In the scene...

final of episode 10...

... Assane Diop is chased by a large number of Paris cops (Police Nationale/Gendarmerie) who can't catch him

Having not (yet) read the novels, I don't know if Lupin 1st is chased by many cops, and if those chases are portrayed awkwardly as in the anime.

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