In the first words of the series, Chip, the main character of the Flaked is on an AA meeting where he tells a story about his accident: he was drunk-driving and he has killed a man. He is very repentant of it but admits that now, for over 10 years, thanks to AA he is sober.

This always starts a "feel-good" sensation amongst the listeners and Chip is a well-liked person among the people of Venice, because people love a repent sinner.

But during the course of the series, we find that this is not exactly true: not only he has been drinking for the past 18 months, but also the accident story is a bit more complicated. His landlord calls him to his face as a "fake, who is scared of admitting the truth".

So my question is - is he really an alcoholic? We can see his friend from the AA "falling off the bandwagon" and the results are a spectacular mess. In contrast, as Chip says himself - no one has noticed him drinking, especially since he does it in small doses (a few sips of "kombucha", which is in fact his friend's wine) - something that is rather uncharacteristic for addicts, that usually drink until they are completely smashed (and also have a lowered tolerance for alcohol). Is the "repent alcoholic" story just a way to get attention?



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