In the movie 'A Quiet Place Part 2', when the family discovers song on the radio, the character Emmett (played by Cillian Murphy) says that 'it's the valley', supposedly indicating that it's not any humans who are playing it.

I didn't understand this. What exactly does 'it's the valley' mean here?

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    Have you got a timestamp or a youtube link? – Tetsujin Jul 21 at 6:42
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    No, that is not what happened. This sentence is an explanation of why they cannot hear the song on the radio all the time: because sometimes the geography prevents radio signals to be received. This scene is not confusing at all. – BCdotWEB Jul 21 at 6:48
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    @BCdotWEB - isn't that why people ask questions, because they don't know the answers or missed some subtlety [or otherwise] in the plot? I'm sure that would make an answer. – Tetsujin Jul 21 at 6:54
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    Whoever voted to close as trivia obviously doesn't understand the meaning if the word. – Tetsujin Jul 21 at 16:13
  • After 3 days… I've vtc as 'needs more info'. if the OP comes back with a link or timestamp, I'll retract. – Tetsujin Jul 24 at 16:33

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