The ending of the Season 6 episode Snatch ends with a clip of a guy in colonial dress and text on the screen reading

Bid on the "Space Ghost Ending" at ebay.com

It was mentioned that bidding would start at $7 and whoever won would get this special ending.

Did this really happen? If so, how much did it end up auctioning for?


Wow, apparently this did really happen. According to IMDb:

As for the eBay ending, viewers have wondered who bought the ending and what is on it. As of 2018, nobody has come forward as to what the ending contained nor have they uploaded it online. The producers of the show have never said what the original ending contained either.

According to Lost Media Wiki:

It ended up being sold to an unknown die-hard fan who supposedly ended up bidding over $1000 for it2, and has never resurfaced in any form, official or unofficial.

LMW apparently has a screenshot of the auction. There was also a discussion on reddit.

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